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Every year in the United States many more children with autism will transition into adulthood. Many of those individuals look forward to "fit in" and become productive members in society and their communities. Some dream of having a college education but college expenses may be unaffordable for them and their families. This becomes yet another barrier for these individuals to have a smooth transition.  


It is our desire to encourage people in the autism spectrum reach the dream of pursuing a college education and achieve their full potential. We do this by providing limited financial assistance in the form of stipends to qualified individuals who can benefit from a college education. The funds may be used to cover some basic needs, such as food, transportation, books/schools supplies.



Michael Rivera, Founder

Carmen Rivera, President

Miguel Rivera, Vice-President




Our inspiration for Reaching New Horizons for Autism, Inc. generated from our son Marc, who has Asperger's Syndrome and who struggled in a daily basis to fit into a world so unlike his own.


Now as an adult, Marc is the author of the book Tears of Pain: My Life with Autism published in 2013.  On his book, based on his journal, Marc recounts many of the challenges he faced.  It is a call to society to enter into the world of autism.  The objective is to help people understand how much people in the autism spectrum need to be accepted AS TEY ARE by society. 



"It is my wish to have the opportunity to meet other individuals who, like me have cried tears of pain while struggling and longing for acceptance in your world---a world that is so different from ours.  I want to tell them that I no longer cry tears of pain"


From Tears of Pain: My Life with Autism





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